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Photos by Erik Stenemo @ Backlineverket; Text by John Norum

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Blue Devil
Look at this amazing looking guitar!
This is in fact the first guitar I ever built and the only one for obvious reasons! ...Ha.
I mean just look at it, it's a beauty!
I built this one when I was 9 or 10 years old and I came up with the body "design" myself. (Really?)
I've seen better shapes but I was just a kid and it was my first electic guitar so it's kind of cool that I still have this "thing".
What do you guys think of the paint job? Maybe not the greatest, but it was fun painting it.

Fender Stratocaster 1972 reissue from 1985.
Made in Japan. They make great guitars!
This one has one Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickup in the bridge and the other two pickups are just stock Fender pickups, which sound great! Very"Hendrixy".
This is my main"home"guitar" which is always on a stand so it's easy to grab whenever you feel like "noodle" a bit.
Great sounding strat!

Fender Stratocaster 1974 in mint condition!
This guitar is super light and extremly resonant.
The sound of this guitar reminds me a lot of Ritchie Blackmore's sound on the album "Burn" (Deep Purple).
As soon as you pick this guitar up you want to start playing that "Burn" riff ...ha.
It's very "straty" sounding and loud! A great guitar!

Burny Les Paul custom
Made in Japan in mid '80s, I think.
This guitar has the longest sustain I ever heard!
Just an awesome guitar!
This one has Rio Grande Texas humbuckers which are great sounding pickups!
And the body and neck is all Mahogany (no Maple top), just like a Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 and it sounds huge!

Custom Strat
Made by Peter at "Gitarrdelar" (guitar parts). And it's a great guitar!
It has an Ash body which gives it a slightly different sound than Alder which is the wood that Fender normally uses.
This guitar is very "musical" sounding and it sings like a bird!
As of this pic, I was changing the 3 way toggle switch to a 5 way that's why there's no strings on it.
And it was time to change strings anyways which are Ernie Balls gauges: 10, 13, 17, 26, 38, 50 on Strats and on Les Pauls 11, 13, 18, 30, 42, 52 and usually a half step down.

Sandberg California Aged relic Strat style guitar
A great sounding guitar and super light and resonant!
It got some really cool features like a built in booster and when you have the toggle switch in the middle position it cancels the hum of the single coils so it works like a humbucker and becomes dead quiet (single coils are usually very noisy).
This is my only Strat that has a Maple fingerboard (I like Rosewood and Ebony better) so it's a bit brighter sounding than my other Strats but it has a nice " twang" to it ala Mark Knopfler. Cool guitar!

Les Paul style guitar
Made by Swing Guitars from Korea.
They do make great guitars! This one sounds super fat and plays like "butter".
It almost plays by itself. Cool fiddle!!

Custom Freedom
This is a guitar given to me in Japan on our 2005 tour.
It's a mix between a Strat sound (because of the headstock, 6 in line tuners) and a Les Paul.
This is a very nice "best of both worlds" sounding guitar.
It's the only guitar that I own that has steel frets, which is pretty cool sounding and they last "a life time".
What about the body shape? ...Well, I've seen worse... ha.

Fender Stratocaster 1962 reissue
This is one of the greatest sounding Strats I ever played!
It's a reissue from 1983, it used to belong to Gary Moore and it's an amazing guitar!
Gary used this guitar in the "Emerald Aisles - Live in Ireland" VHS and on the live album "We want Moore!".
And it hasn't been back "home" in Ireland after they filmed the legendary show "Emerald Aisles" in 1984 (at the Ulster Hall in Belfast, Gary's home town) until I had the honor to bring it there when Europe played at that same theatre in 2015.
It was such a great feeling to play the same guitar as Gary played at the same venue 30 years earlier!
I've had this guitar for 20 years now and it's been on many albums since 1995, but mainly on my solo album "Another Destination": this is the guitar I used on one of my favorite instumental songs "Shimmering Highs" and also in the video "Strange Days" for that album.
And it was also my main guitar on the US Dokken tour in 1997 and the guys in Dokken were totally blown away how good it sounded!
When I met Gary a few years ago (before he tragically passed away), he signed the guitar for me on the back of the headstock, as you can see in the pic.
Thank you Gary for all the great music! RIP