Welcome to the EFFECTS page!

Photos and text by Erik Stenemo @ Backlineverket


Guitar is connected straight to MC404 CAE Wha pedal.
Next device in the chain is a Pete Cornish LD-1 (buffer) and from there it goes to the rack.
There is also a DIN to XLR converter box for MIDI.
And a battery interface with Volt display for the Wha.

From top to bottom:
Furman PL-8 CE Power Conditioner
2 x Roland SDE-3000
Pete Cornish Chorus
2 x Sliding shelves for pedals
RJM Effect Gizmo
Matrix GT1000FX-2U PowerAmp

Another close up view of the rack and the effects.

The pedal is connected to audio loops 1-5 on the RJM switcher.
MXR Phase 90, Foxrox Octron, EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger, Pete Cornish NG-3 Fuzz and Xotic EP Booster.
The output on the RJM switcher feeds the Marshall and this is the DRY signal flow.

Here is a look at the back of the amp rack with the Suhr ISO Line Out Box.
The box is used after the amps at speaker level to create a line level signal for the WET part of the rig.
There is also a custom AC power box and a speaker thru box with Speakon connection.

Line level feeds the RJM rack and splits signal to two Roland SDE-3000 delays and a Pete Cornish Chorus + T.E.S. Delay.

The output of the effects is summed down in parallel with RJM Mini Line Mixer.
Left and Right outputs on the mixer goes to Matrix GT1000FX-2U PowerAmp and from there to the WET 4X12 speaker cabinets.

Everything is controlled with RJM Mastermind GT/10.